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About Us

We make our clients successful in e-commerce

Anzald is an innovative and highly experienced management consultancy services firm focused on leveraging technology to strategically expand and improve the businesses of our clients. We support clients globally in launching and improving successful online businesses, streamlining and scaling up operations and driving down costs.

We have earned a reputation for managing projects with a range of quality services and we consistently deliver on time and on budget. Offering a professional, personal and comprehensive service, we work very closely with our clients, building up a relationship based on trust and openness, which helps to progress projects and resolve challenges.

Our business is based on delivering excellent results and achieving high levels of repeat business. A strategy that has seen the company grow successfully and organically.

e-commerce and digital transformation
market research
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Our Services

We develop tailored solutions using our proven building blocks

IT Architecture

We help clients defining their overall IT goals and the organisation and system components needed to support their long-term business requirements. We identify gaps and areas for concern or improvement and provide specific recommendations to our clients to optimise their return on IT investments. We help clients avoid costly mistakes by investing in outdated or unsuitable technologies and unnecessary complex or inflexible systems. We review business processes and process compliance and help clients to prioritise specific improvements that increase the value that they get out of their existing IT architecture.

Software Implementation

We support clients in selecting and implementing the right software and the best implementation partners for their business. We are independent because we do not develop or implement software, therefore we do not push our clients to implement too complex or over-customised solutions to increase implementation revenue. We help our client to implement best-practice processes and solutions that minimise implementation and maintenance costs.

Market and Customer Research

We gather information about markets and customers for our clients. We identify and analyse the needs of the market, the market size and the competition. We use qualitative and quantitative techniques including focus groups, in-depth interviews, customer segmentation, customer surveys, as well as desktop research for strategy development and market due diligence. We provide specific and actionable recommendations for our clients how to better address target markets and customers and how to efficiently expand to relevant markets and customer segments.

Supply Chain Management

We optimise warehousing, inbound, stowing and picking & packing processes for e-commerce, retail/wholesale and manufacturing operations. We develop specific layouts, help in selecting and using material flow systems and IT solutions. We manage the process to identify and select outsourcing partners and provide help in negotiating service level agreements to ensure best-in-class performance. We also streamline administrative processes and recommend IT support for instance for forecasting, order management and distribution management.

Strategy Review and Develepment

We analyse the business practices and goals of our clients and develop specific and actionable suggestions for improvements. We develop a holistic strategy review that looks at opportunities for increasing revenue, cutting costs and improving the long-term position of our clients. We identify and review relevant competitors and customer segments to help establish objectives and goals. We develop tailored market-entry and market expansion strategies and detailed implementation plans and checklists that reflect the capabilities and the product portfolio of our clients and local market requirements.


We accelerate growth with efficient and effective online and offline marketing strategies for our clients including advertising, search engine optimisation, social media and influencer marketing, online-offline marketing and more. We develop and implement marketing strategies and define dashboards that help our clients to track and improve the success and efficiency of their entire marketing strategy and measures. We develop and train the marketing organisation to best support the growth of the business.